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Our Teams

At UNRL all of our players have demonstrated the ability to play competitively at the highest level for their respective age. Our teams are home to the best players from around the country, that being said each player must earn playing time through out the weekend based on skill and production throughout the weekend.

Team Camps

Our team camps are ran over the course of two days. The assessment includes an athletic evaluation, lacrosse skill evaluation, and a lacrosse IQ evaluation during drills & gameplay. 

The objective of our team camps are:

  • Provide unrivaled feedback for players
  • Create a detailed player feedback system for college coaches & recruiting support
  • Market top performers in each graduation class
  • Offer follow up opportunities post evaluation

Our Rosters

Our teams hold between 20-23 players. With this number we have found players are able to play ample amounts while having enough rest through the course of an entire tournament. It is important to note that we may approach a player to switch to a different position during the evaluation process if we believe it will benefit the player and the team. This is a team sport and we expect players to accept and thrive in their role.

Roster Example

5 Attack | 7 Two-way Midfielders | 1-2 FOGOs | 2 LSM | 5 Closed Defensemen | 1-2 Goalies

2020/2021 Events