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What is UNRL?

UNRL is an athletic brand based in St. Paul, Minnesota, specializing in creating fashionable and functional clothing for athletes and business professionals. Visit the UNRL website

What is Team UNRL ?

Team UNRL is a low cost national team option that allows the best players from non-traditional lacrosse hotbeds to gain exposure to the best coaches and players in the country. UNRL will be fielding 3 teams total from 2021, 2022, and 2023 graduation classes respectively.

What sets Team UNRL apart from other national programs?

Team UNRL is more focused toward the national exposure of the athletes and our goals are more geared toward player performance. Whereas other national programs aren’t as focused on the players exposure and placement.

Where do most of the players travel from?

Our players come from all over the United states. However, 90% of our rosters are from non-traditional lacrosse hotbeds.

What is the roster format?

The UNRL rosters are made up of 20-22 players. Each roster is subject to re-formatting based on the availability of the athletes.

Who are the UNRL coaches?

UNRL coaches consist of current and former collegiate players and coaches. Our coaches have reached success at the division 1, 2 & 3 levels.

What are the costs/fees?

Once selected to participate in the camp/tryout, the Team UNRL fee are TBD

What is included in the camp/tryout fees?

The camp will be a low cost opportunity to compare yourself to the other selected camp attendees. The players will be subject to participate in various drills and training methods along with performance testing options for the duration of the camp. A team meal will be provided on the last night of the camp during the parent presentation.

What do I need to bring to the UNRL camp/tryout?

  • Each athlete but bring all necessary equipment needed to be eligible by US Lacrosse standards. They should also bring tennis shoes for the performance aspect of the tryout.
  • Players are expected to provide their own water and snacks for each day.
  • Players are expected to check in by first and last name on the first day.
    (We recommend arriving AT LEAST 1 hour before the camp)

What is the tournament schedule?

The 2019 summer schedules are below


  • Inside Lacrosse Invitational – (July 8th – 10th)


  • NLF Main Event – (June 8th – 9th)
  • Crab Feast – (June 22nd- 23rd)
  • Inside Lacrosse Invitational – (July 8th – 10th)

How can I be more involved with Team UNRL?

Subscribe to the newsletter from our sponsor/parent company ‘Arete sport’ (Ah-reh-tay) and join their insider program. To learn more, visit the Arete Website

Looking for a sponsorship?

Contact for inquiries regarding sponsorship.

How do I nominate a classmate or athlete for Team UNRL?

Fill out our UNRL prospect form. Those selected will receive a follow up email from our director of operations with further directions.

Is there another opportunity for further performance testing?

We will do our best to find time in our schedules accomodate a reschedule period within one week of any combine. Contact for registration options/links and payment details for the make-up testing.